Australianise Before Sell to China

Products sourced from Europe Promotion in Australia End market in China WeChat Apply team has discovered a trend of Tens of thousands miles of sales journey. The strategy has proved successful to some emerging brands in the cross-border trade sector between China and Australia in 2018. Interestingly the product themselves may not be traditional Australian Read more about Australianise Before Sell to China[…]

Consumption Downgrade in China

2018 China GDP September quarter was reported at 6.5% growth rate, significantly slower than the average rate of the past 30 years. Retail shopping has slowed with it. The stock market is slumping. China’s currency has lost some of its value. The trade war launched by US President Trump has left many Chinese feeling less Read more about Consumption Downgrade in China[…]

Post-90s becoming main buyers, Where does the China Mum & Child market go?

Mum and Child market in China has been top hunter-fields for those overseas brands in the health sector. putting extra fuel in the fire, China as a whole nation is promoting Big Health strategy. Post-90s, a Chinese way to label those who were born after 1990, have entered the birth-giving age range. What is the Read more about Post-90s becoming main buyers, Where does the China Mum & Child market go?[…]

How brands Adapt to China’s New Retail Era

While the last 2 years have witnessed brutal for brick-and-mortar stores worldwide, China’s retailers have experienced a “new retail” revolution, driving an increasingly stronger national consumption. It is fueled by pioneering technology companies like Tencent, Alibaba, and involves traditional shopping center owners, Wanda, Suning, etc. A key milestone erected near end of 2017, Tencent, Read more about How brands Adapt to China’s New Retail Era[…]