WeChat internal test enterprise account entrance recommended WeChat public account article

Dec. 3 2020, there were reports that many users found that WeChat had started internal testing and added recommendations for WeChat official account content at the entrance of the enterprise account.

The specific situation is that in the WeChat enterprise status reminder of the WeChat service notification, the content of articles that colleagues have read more will be pushed, and WeChat will also selectively push industry information. This may be one of WeChat’s initiatives to increase the distribution channels of official accounts.

Previously, the recommended method of WeChat Official Accounts has undergone many changes, including the disorder of the timeline-based list form in the article stream. Subsequently, WeChat has successively added tags at the bottom of the article to collect articles, and also provided likes and watching, Share, and favorite buttons; during a look, WeChat successively conducts hotspot collections and friends’ watching recommendations; in addition, after adding “#topic”, users can click on the label to enter the list and read with topic words Articles with related keywords.