The reality of wind turbines

Saint Albans Messenger

Letter to the Editor  July 28, 2015

Even when we contribute, and, pay attention to what is happening in our communities, we really don’t see the details as clearly as, when they are close by.

Our neighbors, Travis and Ashley Belisle, and, his father, Jerry Belisle, are in the process of preparing to install wind turbines along the ridgeline that parallels Route 105, near the St Albans/Swanton line. Travis says, “We want to do this to make a contribution to our community’s clean energy future and help achieve the state’s renewable energy goals. Nothing gets better if we don’t do our part.”

Have they asked themselves, “Will the presence of this project make life better for the folks we sold homes to, in the Rocky Ridge Development? Since research has proven undeniable health issues, loss of property values, for individuals and the town tax base? What will be the overall wellbeing of our lives in Franklin County? Are we considering the proven ineffectiveness of wind power? Power companies require electricity on demand. It can’t be stored, no wind, no electricity, no contract. How can these actual results prove this “solution” to be worth the impact?”

Another Travis, Ashley and Jerry question: “How much of this project is guided by how much money we can make, despite it’s cost to our neighbors and community?” Logically thinking people understand the crisis of our environment. Likewise, the use of electricity isn’t going away. Careful attention to the bigger picture of alternative energy has to be the priority. The mistake of choosing wrong has unfixable consequences.

Patricia P. Rainville, (who grew up riding horses on this ridgeline)



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