Straight talk on turbines

Saint Albans Messenger

Letter to the Editor  July 30, 2015

Recently I sent a commentary on this turbine project being talked about for Swanton/St. Albans area off Route 105 approximated 3 miles east of St. Albans, sending fax directly to Gov. Shumlin’s office. The letter I received back addressed strictly solar energy. What gives?! Can we have some straight talk here? These (turbines) are a lot bigger “digestion” problem than solar.

Indeed there are many of us up in arms and I believe the rest should be, as our lives will be greatly impacted whether we realize it now or not.

You people at Fairfield Pond will have the “treat” of the flickering red light reflection off the pond. On the other side of the pond, you’ll see turbines spinning. Invite all your friends over! After a long week at work, let’s just relax on our porch, watch and listen to those turbines, and don’t forget those flickering red lights. Shumlin, what are doing to us?

If there is not a framework on the table for these permanent giants, there will be many, many more people and communities hurt. Let’s stand together and fight this dictator-approach politics. Our governor is above this nonsense.

The governor spoke regarding GMOs in the July 24th and 25th papers that millions of us are demanding to know what’s in our food and he said to the food industry, and I’m quoting, “You may have the money but we have the people and the people always win.”

Will send fax of this to governor because he has power to put hold on this project. He is responsible. Pat Messier, Sholan Road

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