What would you think of wind power if it were your home?

Saint Albans Messenger; Monday, September 28, 2015

Once again we have those with a financial interest in industrial wind projects pontificating on all the supposed benefits of such an ecological and scenic blight on the rural landscape of the state. The one to be addressed today is the often repeated mantra of the “job creation.” In truth no new jobs are created by these projects. They do give work to those already employed in the industry, but this is transitional work of a certain duration. To call it “job creation” as they would like you to believe is a grave misnomer. True “job creation” is creating a product or service that employs people in a new and ongoing enterprise. Examples would be manufactures, and service industries such as Dealer. com Ben & Jerrys, Perrigo, etc. These companies and many others both large and small are the real “job creators” and are the lifeblood of our economy. Turbines do not add much if anything to the economic security of the populace of the state. If turbine projects were true job creators you would see dozens or hundreds of cars each day with happy citizens headed to work at Georgia and Lowell turbine sites. Unless I have missed something, I see no traffic jams in the vicinity of these locations. So developers, espouse your talking points but keep in mind that just because you say it’s so, does not make it so. You can fool some of the people some of the time ….etc You know the rest! …

After reading Brian Ingerson’s glowing review of Swanton Wind in his recent letter, I would be willing to bet he does not live underneath or anywhere near these whirling eyesores. In fact many people BENEFIT from the NIMBY syndrom, as most people know that they live in a section of the County or State that would never be considered for such industrial behemoths. It’s easy to speak favorably of such projects when you know that its not your house, land and well being that will be directly affected. I would ask that people consider what their opinion would be if they had to live under such adverse conditions., Thank you.

Jeff Pignona

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