Clean energy a dirty business

Saint Albans Messenger, October 3, 2015

There is a lot of buzz going on around Franklin County in regards to a proposed wind turbine project. The Belisle family, DBA Swanton Wind.

Everybody has an opinion and we are all entititled to an opinion. However, I am suggesting to all of you pro activists before you make your stance, take a look around you. Do you see any beautiful ridges? Do you live in a windy area? If the answer is yes you might want to do some research and educate yourselves on all aspects of what problems these wind turbines can cause. The biggest is the quality of human life taken away with all their known health hazards. How about your loving pets running in circles around the house because they see the shadow of these turning and don’t know what it is so are scared? There obviously are many other cons to this project. Noise, ruining “Mother Nature” at her best by taking away so much natural habitat that exists on the ridge, etc. These are the makings of the next GREED energy projects.

A very big question is about upkeep. If someone is going to be granted the right to install these turbines are they also going to have to sign a contract stating they will forever maintain them to full working order? We all know that updates have to occur in every aspect of industry. Who is going to commit to the upkeep and updates of this long term? I foresee a wind turbine junk yard for our next generation and this is hard to bear. I feel this is a way to make some quick mega-money and then pack up and move away and leave it behind. It is sad that some people’s world has to revolve so much around money that they don’t care about the quality of life of the people around them.

These seven wind turbines are going to be 1,800 feet in our back yards. Nobody cares until it personally affects them. The outsiders look at it like we are just whining. I wish these people luck and would like to say in closing, remember clean energy is dirty business.

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David Butterfield St. Albans

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