In New York, wind farms were fine, let’s keep minds open

Saint Albans Messenger, October 2, 2015

As a new Swanton resident in 2014, moving from Boonville, NY I see the debate unfolding about the proposed wind turbines in Swanton. I am 80 years old and lived near the Tug Hill wind farm consisting of 195 turbines. There was some skepticism prior to and during the construction of the wind farm. Many studies were done, many opinions were stated.

At my age, I have the luxury of sitting back investigating and observing many things. There were no health related issues reported. The project contributed substantial income to the host towns. It helped to reduce omitting tons of carbons into our atmosphere and put many people to work. In the end the project was successful. The benefit from the turbines is enormous.

I understand the Swanton Select Board and Planning Commission have only obtained limited information about this project through its opponents or people that flocked to the scene claiming they were “experts” or “professionals”. There have been no inquiries to the Swanton Wind team about any factual data from the Town of Swanton.

Anyone can call the VERA team as I did. There is a wealth of information on the website as well. I see people writing in and asking questions that I was able to answer myself while reading on the website.

After reading the article that Joel Clark wrote to the St. Albans Messenger editor, I had to think long and hard why a man who sits as Vice Chair of a town board is so personally invested in the opposition. Maybe he feels like he is representing our town as a whole, even though the handful of opponents happen to be the same people that knew about and signed documents acknowledging the developer reserved the right to build a wind generation farm in HIS adjacent property.

Everyone should realize that words matter and reality will prevail. At some point, any inaccurate statements are going to be part of your identity. We all want to be respected for who we are and what we do. Take a ride down memory lane and you’ll start appreciating the simple things like laughter, family, friends, health, clean air, good drinking water, and people that are looking out for generations ahead. How are you paying it forward?

Respectfully, Helen Cyr

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