Vermont’s energy picture is controlled by those from afar

Saint Albans Messenger, October 7, 2015

The Green movement in Vermont is guided by fear and greed. To keep this movement money is used to soften and control people with and around the rural communities which Renewables focus upon. The Rural communities are the easiest to disharmonize, small in numbers, little money, and not well organized, sleeping communities.

The big flash in the pan is our state’s goal of 90% T or 100% renewable producing electric by 2050.

This make no sense! Where are we at in honest figures in both goals set and what the state uses?

The other part is the goal or Gold Rush of the solar projects along Rt. 7? Greed to push these projects into communities who have little say, and only able to make comments. What is this all about, controlled power with no input from those who live next to or nearby renewable projects.

Out of country owners of Green Mountain Power have control over our State’s legislature, and it takes no real responsibilities for damages to our environmental, social and economic systems which are very unjust. Environmental groups, and citizen fear and greed. To keep this movement money legislators have been bought with free federal and state money. Money we pay for by taxes. The laws are written and seen to only benefit the few elite who run this from a far.

Fred Person

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