A good night’s sleep….

Saint Albans Messenger; December 12, 2015

All I want for Christmas is a good night’s sleep.

You can find me on Georgia Mountain in Vermont, 3800 feet from the Georgia Mountain Wind project. I’ve tried to be a good little neighbor and not complain every time that I can’t sleep because the turbines are too loud. I know that this creates a lot of paperwork for the folks at the Vermont Public Service Board and my guess is that it creates hardship for Georgia Mountain Wind as well. Quite honestly it isn’t fun for me either, because if by a small Christmas miracle my complaint is addressed, I get to take off from work and drive an hour to Montpelier and then file a bunch of paperwork myself in the subsequent months. It would be much easier if you would just wave your magic candy cane and make the noise go away.

While you are at it can you please ask the legislators in Montpelier this session to introduce some sensible bills to prevent this from happening to our neighbors in Swanton, Fairfield and Irasburg? If you could please help them to craft something that would address the fact that the current acceptable noise levels emitted from wind projects are too high it would be great. Another thing that would be very helpful would be to have some stringent setback distances from homes in the future. Oh what the heck, I may as well ask for it all, how about fulltime monitoring of existing projects so that if I can’t sleep I can look at a webpage and see what the true noise levels are and call Georgia Mountain Wind and ask them to turn them back?

I know that I really shouldn’t be asking for all of these things and accept the fact that I’m just collateral damage in our fast paced quest to meet Governor Shumlin’s ambitious green energy goal, but I promise to be good for the rest of my life if you can just make it so that I can sleep.

Oh, by the way if I could ask for just one more thing? Could you please stop the sun from shining on weekend afternoons? You see, if I can’t sleep during the work week I like to try and catch up on sleep on the weekend afternoons. But when the sun starts to set behind the turbines around mid-afternoon it causes shadow flicker in my bedroom. The constant strobing effect through the shades wakes me up. Thank you in advance for any of these things that you may be able to deliver to my home.

Melodie McLane

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