Gamache’s role in Swanton Wind process is troubling

Saint Albans Messenger; July 25, 2016

Regardless of what your position is on the Swanton Wind Project, and renewable energy in general, one has to be extremely concerned by the obvious lack of respect and transparency exhibited by a sitting legislator. Rep. Marianna Gamache has been involved in opposing the project. It is her choice and perogative to do so, and I very much respect her position. However, so blatantly violating the open meeting law and furthering her agenda, without giving the public or the opposition a chance to weigh in and have an impact in the decision-making, is unacceptable at every level.

There are only two possible scenarios here. One is, she did not know that she and her colleagues were in breach of the law. For a sitting legislator, that seems very improbable. But if it is so, she failed her constituents and her colleagues. Or two, she was aware of the law and chose willfully to ignore it. That is even worse, and downright scary to even think that she thought the laws we all have to abide by are only made for the rest of us.

Bottom line is, she should have known better and warned the rest of the commission of the dangers of communicating without transparency. The standards of being a state representative are higher than the general public, and she failed on all accounts. The remaining question is, if she is so ignorant of the laws, or if she is so arrogant to know and disregard them, why is she our state representative? Swanton and Sheldon can do better. We have a chance to replace her in the upcoming election. Let’s grab it and put someone in her place who can abide by the rules.

Michel Consejo, Sheldon

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