Marianna Gamache falsely accused by Mr. Consejo

Saint Albans Messenger; July 27, 2016

In the Monday, July 25 Messenger, Michael Consejo states that Marianna Gamache violated the Open Meeting law in working with the Swanton town Planning Commission. I was at the meeting where the alleged violation was discussed. I don’t remember seeing Mr. Consejo there. The Open Meeting law violation that the Planning Commission was accused of did not involve Marianna. Marianna had presented some material to the Planning Commission at a scheduled Public Meeting. The PC had requested help from Marianna for wording for their town plan. A member of the board had asked her to gather that information and Marianna did just that. She then presented her findings to the Planning Commission at a public meeting.

The Open Meeting violation that the Swanton Planning Commission was accused of had to do with conversations around the wording to the town plan being shared among more than two members of the board. I don’t know how these boards are ever supposed to accomplish anything for their towns if they can’t discuss any issues outside of meetings with the Public, but I get what is trying to be accomplished with the Open Meeting law.

Marianna Gamache worked tirelessly in Montpelier for the citizens of Swanton on the wind issue. Swanton voted 731 – 160 to oppose this project and Marianna has put her heart and soul into this issue fighting for her constituents. She sits on the Energy committee in Montpelier and heard lots of testimony about issues with wind in Vermont.

Marianna has always spoken up for her constituents in Swanton and Sheldon and she diligently follows the rules put forth in Montpelier. I can’t wait to see what she can do in her next term.

Christine Lang Swanton

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