Belisle’s math wrong; 5-1 is a majority against wind, not for

Saint Albans Messenger; September 29, 2016

Travis Belisle seems to be catching on to the fact that the MAJORITY of Vermont residents are anti-industrial wind and he is attempting to rationalize a project that few people want, (including power companies) will ruin the ambience of the natural environment and only benefit the few. What he does not seem to want to acknowledge is that this project affects not just his immediate surroundings but changes the ambience for miles around. (Read Fairfield Pond) There is a reason that the lobbyists pushed hard to cut out local control of such ill-conceived projects, and that is that they know that few people would ever freely agree to deface the natural landscape in such a wasteful way, much less want to live near an industrial site.

I, for one, admire and support Phil Scott”s position on big wind. I think Travis put the cart before the horse and is now trying desperately to sway public opinion with a litany of the clichés fed to him by the wind industry.

I urge everyone who puts the protection of the natural environment above the crass industrialization of our beautiful state,to let your legislators know in no uncertain terms how you feel.

As for his claim of an anti-wind minority, I would think 5-1 against would be a MAJORITY, at least in my book. As for his dubious claim that $4,000,000 in wages will be gained, perhaps he will enlighten us as to how many people will be employed at the site once completed. 1, 2? Any? His letter seems to be a desperate attempt to convince himself that this project is a magnanimous gift to the state of Vt. It is not.!

Jeff B. Pignona

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