Ironic that Rep. Gamache denied access to hearing

Saint Albans Messenger; September 23, 2016

This week I attended the ribbon cutting/ground breaking ceremony for the Deerfield Wind project in the Green Mountain National Forest. Ironic that this event was held on public land on a public road, but the public was barred from entering. Even more surprising was that our Representative Marianna Gamache, a member of the House Committee on Natural Resources and Energy was barred from attending as a legislator. Her goal was not to disrupt the ceremony. Renewable energy is one of her main priorities as a committee member. Any and all participation and education should be encouraged and allowed by Governor Shumlin. Why would she be refused attendance?

About 40 demonstrators were there protesting this travesty in our National Forest. This is a pristine area that supports critical bear habitat. Our government has admitted that industrial wind in Vermont does nothing to reduce climate change. Continued mountain top removal will only exacerbate the problems of heavy rain. There are numerous other solutions that Vermont can undertake that would be much more cost effective and efficient, not to mention would benefit the overall population versus a few developers making millions of dollars off of human and animal suffering.

Sally Collopy Fairfield

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