WeCom, WeChat Enterprise Version New Features

1. Whats WeCom

WeCom is a communication platform for enterprises that includes convenient communication and office automation tools. Similar to Weixin and WeChat, it offers smooth communication experience, as well as various OA applications. In addition, WeCom is integrated with Weixin, providing unmatched connectivy that facilitates smart management, smart ecosystem and smart services for enterprises.

WeCom is equipped with light OA applications, providing a wide array of third-party applications and over 200 APIs for enterprises to access and run their own applications, enabling unified and convenient management of work applications on one single platform. These enable employees to work on the go.

WeCom is integrated with Weixin in terms of chat, Mini Programs and WeChat Pay, enabling enterprises to provide high-quality customer services to external parties. Staff are able to use WeCom to communicate with and serve its customers who are using Weixin or WeChat in a consistent and professional manner. The customer relationship will be retained by the company, and will be preserved even after the employee moves on.

Leveraging Tencent’s industry-leading security capabilities, WeCom also provides reliable enterprise data protection. WeCom has obtained several certifications from international authorities, such as SOC2 Type 1 Report and ISO/IEC27018

Support:  Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android.

2. Features

2.1. Connect with WeChat

* Exchange Messages with WeChat

Members can add WeChat users as contacts directly in WeChat Work and message each other.

* Mini Program

The WeChat Work app has a built-in mini program basic library, which allows companies to migrate WeChat mini programs to their WeChat Work with simple configuration. Companies can also develop mini programs more suitable for their internal scenarios using the special APIs provided by WeChat Work.

* Company Pay

Link the existing WeChat Pay merchant account to use the payment feature in WeChat Work, including Receive Money from External, Pay External User, and WeChat Work-specific features: Receive Money from Employee and Pay Employee. WeChat Work also provides development-free apps such as Receipt via QR Code and Send Red Packet to Employee.

* WeChat Workplace

Without having to·download the WeChat Work app, members can scan the QR code to follow WeChat Workplace and receive company notifications at WeChat and use company apps.

2.2. Forward WeChat Chat History

Forward chat histories and articles between WeChat and WeCom by one click.

2.3. Contacts management

Batch import and centralized management of members in Contacts to make member information accurate and complete for easy viewing.

2.4. Video Call

Stable HD video meeting that supports document demo and screen sharing and can be joined via phone. A maximum of 9 people can join the meeting.

2.5. Company Pay

Provide complete payment features, including sending red packets to employees, paying employees and receiving money from employees in WeCom.

2.6. Company-paid call

Get 1000-minute company-paid call. Multi-person call is supported for easy communication with customers and colleagues.

2.7. Enterprise Mailbox

Get Exmail with an exclusive domain name. Receive and check emails in real time for quick response.

2.8. File Disk

Allow centralized management of company files to make it easier for employees to access them. Free access to 100 GB of storage space. More storage can be purchased if needed.

2.9. Manageable group chats

You can set group chats to be managed only by the group owner, set Mute, and post group notices. You can initiate a group chat with up to 2000 members.

This is very important feature which we want to recommend to the client

2.10. Diversified Configurations

You can customize employee profiles, set permissions to view Contacts, and hide special departments or members. You can also set company logo and designs on the launch screen on your mobile phone to build unique corporate culture.

2.11. Attendance (Punch)

Record attendance easily on phones. Support fixed work time, shift schedule, flexible work time, and offsite punch.

2.12. Report

Employees can brief their progress of work through daily reports, weekly reports and monthly reports, and admins can easily view them on phones.

2.13. Approvals

Support custom approval templates, set fixed approvers and CC recipients, and view application records.

3. Highlight Features

Compare with WeChat Official Account, WeCom has more special features as below :

ItemWeChat Official AccountWeCom Account
GroupsNot easy to doUnlimited and easy to manage
Group Message4 per monthn*30 per day n = the number of employee 
Group MembersMax 500Max 2000
Group Live ChatMax 9Unlimited

4. How to Register

Go to the website https://work.weixin.qq.com/wework_admin/

Click Register Now button

4.1. Prepare Documents

Company business ID

Administrator’s ID

Administrator’s Mobile number